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To mitigate the environmental challenges and burdens the Agriculture and Mining Industry poses on scarce natural resources, EDC developed a range of superior products and outstanding customer services. This coupled with unparalleled technical support and on-the-ground consulting services, is the perfect match for businesses of all sizes.


EDC has developed a range of specialised DUST CONTROL  products (BIOTAC Range) for various industries, including Agriculture & Forestry, Mining & Industrial. Our products are 100% natural with no harmful content to the environment. We offer innovative dust management and mitigation services and products to ultimately assist organisations in minimising health and environmental impacts associated with dust emissions. Our products are environmentally friendly certified, have been extensively tested and our solutions assist with water conservation.


EDC offer a complete dust mangement solution to their clients which includes but is not limited to:

  • Primary haulage roads
  • Secondary haulage roads
  • Tailing facilities dust suppression
  • Stockpile dust suppression
  • In plant low pressure misting systems
  • Waste water evaporation

Dust suppression has become a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’ in order to comply with safety, environmental and occupational guidelines set through new legislation.


  • Water savings
  • Removes the need for constant maintenance and cleaning
  • Dust-free surfaces
  • Improves grip
  • Low road maintenance cost
  • Easily applied
  • Feasible economical solutions
  • Improves general well being


  • Organic surfactant manufactured from sea water on site, greatly reduced the surface tension, thus making the water and dust collision technology much more effective
  • Manipulating the charge of the water enhances the agglomeration of the airborne dust, greatly enhancing dust suppression
  • Additional organic / carbon dust binder ensures that the dust stay trapped and doesn’t become airborne after moisture evaporates
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About us

Enviro Dust Control was established by brothers Daniel & Gideo van der Merwe, who collectively have in excess of 40 years experience in the industry. Daniel is well known in the industry as a committed ambassador to promoting environmentally friendly product solutions to an industry in desperate need for alternative solutions, while Gideo is well known for his Scientific expertise, Patents and Innovative product development.

Due to the growing environmental needs in the dust market (especially mining, agriculture and industry) EDC has developed a unique product called BIOTAC. An environmental friendly product destined to soon become the market leader in the dust market.

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EDC is supported by the Gideotech Group of Companies, founded by Gideo van der Merwe.

The Gideotech Group is a well established Intellectual Property & Innovation Hub with significant investments in some of the world’s leading patents in enviro-technology, agri-technology and mineral technology. Gideotech builds businesses which impacts positively on the world we live in and believe that their innovative & creative businesses are not only unique in what they offer,  however also sustainable long term investments.


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